The Lowdown

I make sexy, witty and intelligent illustration  that embraces the kitschy nature of forgotten commercial art.

One of the worst ills of popular culture is the boring regurgitation of popular design. I wield my contrarian nature to upset and delight the status quo.

I am on a mission to preserve and create a universe of illustration filled with reference to forgotten popular culture. My style is informed by 1950’s horror comics, underground music, 70’s science fiction movies and street art. You can almost smell the musty magazine pages as you pore over images that travel through a recognized but unfamiliar past.  This distinctive reference point is perfect to set your editorial or commercial art needs apart from the rest. If you love to read sci-fi while blasting Mos Def, You wear death metal shirts to shop at whole foods  and thrift shop for action figures while wearing high heel shoes. My art is just for you!

I had a life changing moment when I was given a 75% chance of dying on the operating table.  I was told to settle my affairs and in a pain killer induced flash of inspiration, I fired all of my graphic design clients and torpedoed my lucrative  freelance design career.

As I lay recovering in my hospital bed for the next month, It slowly occurred to me that I had royally fucked myself. With my reputation and career in ruins, I realized I could spend my time and energy building a new empire, one that embraced the nontraditional  career trajectory.  While I had many Design clients, few of them knew about my past work in the adult entertainment industry. I had to create Alias’s and boring alter egos to keep the worlds separate,  Even though the best press was hidden from most of the people I worked for.  Like a phoenix I rose from the ashes  and found a new career path bringing you unconventional, sexy and funny art  for your animation, editorial, branding and music related projects. You can call or write anytime and talk to me about your project.

I am currently: